At InTrust Fiduciary Group, our mission is to help employers manage their risk in offering defined contribution plans as well as communicating the benefits of a retirement plan to employees. We provide services in all aspects of defined contribution plan management so our clients can rest easy knowing they have proper oversight and an optimized plan specific to their unique requirements.

How do we do it? We make it our priority.

Do one thing and do it well.

InTrust Fiduciary Group is built with one thing in mind – to provide transparent, unbiased retirement plan advice to plan sponsors so they can improve plan performance and employee engagement. Our company is structured to serve our clients’ best interests first and foremost. This is our reason for existence and our legal duty as a fiduciary. We are dedicated to the retirement plan industry, unlike most large banks, insurance brokers and other firms who may only provide retirement plan guidance as a peripheral service offering. Our sole focus is on retirement plans and the ever-changing fiduciary obligations to which plan sponsors must adhere.

We believe our independence, expertise, and focus ensure you receive the highest level of service available, without any conflicts of interest or third-party incentives.

We are local and proud of it.

InTrust Fiduciary Group is Texas-based with a national presence. Our team is headquartered in Texas and all decisions are made locally, specific to our clients’ needs, instead of from a far-off headquarters located in a different state. We understand Texas and the needs of the Texas businesses we serve. Our success in providing the latest retirement plan solutions to our clients is recognized by national organizations in the retirement industry.

InTrust Fiduciary Group is consistently ranked one of the top 401(k) consulting firms in Texas and nationwide. 

One size never fits all.

InTrust Fiduciary Group believes every company is unique so we create custom strategies and solutions at the client level. We consider our relationships with clients as a partnership, so much so that many consider us as an extension of their Human Resources department and believe we are indispensable to managing their retirement plan.

Our services and solutions are not cookie-cutter – we are flexible and efficient in our approach, and always personal with our communications.

Experience matters.

Plan sponsors  don’t have to manage their retirement plans alone. The Department of Labor states, “Unless companies possess the necessary expertise to evaluate such factors, fiduciaries would need to obtain the advice of a qualified, independent expert.” InTrust Fiduciary Group is proud to only have highly-experienced retirement plan team members, each with specific retirement industry credentials and education. Specialized expertise and credentials are so important to our firm that it is our policy to encourage and pay for the cost of continuing education for our employees.

With InTrust Fiduciary Group, you’ll have a partner who has a deep understanding of every aspect of the retirement plan industry.